The historical significance of Goro’s(goro’s jewelry online)

Goro ‘ s is an Indian-style silver, founder Goro’s silver brand created in the 60 ‘s.The significance of Goro’s in the silverware of the world is to carry forward the traditional Indian eagles, eagles, feathers, etc.These elements are not the main elements and styles of silver in the world without the presence of Goro ‘ s, buy goro’s jewelry online.and the historical significance of Goro’s is to define the position of the eagle and the feather in the world’s ornaments.

goros for sale
goros for sale

How to choose the right Goro’s

  • goro’s golden feather and Goro’s silver feathers

Divided into s/m/l small medium large size three, no points around

  • goro’s Point Golden Claw Feather XL/goro’s Gold Feather XL/goro’s first Gold Feather XL

The left and right volumes are divided into different names. In particular, the first gold feather, “first” is Japanese, meaning the lower part, you can also call it “Golden Feather XL”

  • Chains are divided into angular chains and pill chains, The pill chain is round.The size is divided into fine and large.

Special attention,Some feathers, such as the Silver L,the goro’s Gold Feather L.Therefore, Goro’s Jewelry the speculative market, the price of fine angle chain is relatively high.

  • Goro ‘ s star suit

Whether in buying shops, online or magazines, often hear people say “Goro ‘ s Takuya Kimura,”, “Takuya Kimura”,What do these mean?

The gold XL left roll, the first gold feather right roll, the gold shell feather L pair, the fine angle chain, the sun gold cake, these are the main components of the Kimura set. This collocation has been used as a benchmark by Kimura in the previous years because of his long-term use.

Best Goro Silver Jewelry Online Store

This brand design is not imprudent or very simple and wild. The main feature of the jewelry is a feather which is made from silver and gold.

Boy London bomber Jacket

My Goro’s collection

I own a total of seven items including three pieces of XL feathers, two wallets, one silver bracelet and a leather cheap goro.I’m just lucky to have a chance to own the items I have and have a chance to enter the Goro’s shop.

Which is your favorite item?

The Top Gold Turquoise XL Feather and Gold Top Turquoise Leather Bracelet.

First discover Goro’s

Actually, I first discovered Goro’s way back in 1997, both from the Japanese street-vintage magazine Boon and from Japanese pop culture, which was booming then. I was inspired by the legendary Takuya Kimura, who wore Goro’s. goro takahashi jewelry.It was a good time for us; for those who like vintage clothing and Japanese street culture.

like Goro’s

I like Goro’s because it has been making fine silver jewelry and leather products in Japan for over 40 years, even before the Japanese pop culture was a hit around Asia during the mid 90s. Another reason is that Goro’s silver jewelry, which is inspired by Native American and Navajo symbols and motifs, is the best match for vintage style.

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